Repatriation / Funeral Insurance

Be by your family when most needed

The calm to know that in the most difficult times like illness, accident or death, your family and beloved ones will have the support they need with a customised, high quality service.

  • Your family will be helped by a professional manager
  • Assistance, management and provision of the funeral service (especially in case of repatriation of foreign residents)
  • Legal support
  • Trained professionals such as psychologists etc.
  • Possibility of online last will
  • Digital life deletion
  • Additional services such as comprehensive pet care, remote assistance or legal protection of the family can be included in the policies.

Funeral Services

Our last act can be very significant.
Besides the assistance by professionals to organize all necessary and legal steps (especially in case of foreign residents) , DKV Spain offers a special service called Eco Funeral.

Among others the family can choose?

  • Caskets made with ecologically certified wood and natural fibre textiles etc.
  • Biodegradable urns made from natural or recycled materials
  • Floral ornaments without plastic or metal
  • Commemorations on recycled paper

Simplicity and planning to facilitate decisions at such a delicate moment!


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