Insurance Consultancy

As highly trained insurance professionals with a legal background and an extensive work experience since 1989 in Germany and Spain, we have always had the intention to find “solutions” for our clients when it comes to insurance questions.

Insurance solutions for individuals and households

Comprehensive advice about personal insurance coverage for Spanish residents, considering your personal needs.

We deal with all areas of insurance coverage. Nevertheless, our experience makes us specialists in the following areas:

  • Health insurance / Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accident or disability insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Car/motorbike insurance
  • General civil responsibility insurance
  • Legal defence insurance
  • Travel insurance

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Insurance solutions for companies and freelancers

Relevant for company owners and branch managers.

If you want to insure your employees or are simply looking for some additional benefits, including your employees in a company policy (health, life, accident) this insurance offers additional benefits and is an attractive alternative to a pay-rise. What’s more, you can count on financial bonuses for your company.

If you have transferred your company’s head office or have built new headquarters we will insure your premises, industrial installations and your vehicles.


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