About Egner Consult

Egner-Consult is an independent consultancy company with its head office in Barcelona, Spain under the management of Petra Humburg-Egner.

Highly trained professionals with experience on top

As highly trained insurance professionals with a legal background and showing work experience since 1989 in Germany and Spain, we have always had the intention to find “solutions” for our clients when it comes to insurance questions.

Being an expat myself in Spain gave me the knowledge and showed me to my “niche” business with attractive potential.

Unexpectedly we were able to arouse the interest and trust of local clients slowly but surely.
Selling prefabricated stand solutions and low-price offers is something we prefer to leave to others.

Knowing the background and situation of each new client based on the information of filled in questionnaires (see below), we work out proposals in 3 languages (Spanish, English, German), according to individual needs.

This allows us to achieve the best possible results concerning legal issues or private constellations, in close contact with the potential client.


The final decision is always made by the client – but first we make sure that he/she can actually feel comfortable and be sure they have made the right decision.


Results don’t lie. We strive to do our best and over the years we have been rewarded for our constancy and successful work. Egner Consult has mostly private clients, freelancers and small businesses.


In order to complete this service, we built up a network of collaborators such as lawyers, tax, advisers, relocators, doctors and private clinics, etc.


Representation in organisations, business clubs and international chambers of commerce allow us to dig into and cultivate a broad network of good contacts.