„Ningún futuro podrá

compensar lo que

dejemos de hacer

en el presente..“

Albert Schweizer







Impartial insurance cover advice with no commitment to any insurance company in particular.

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Comprehensive advice about personal insurance cover for Spanish residents, taking your personal needs into account.

We deal with all areas of insurance cover. Nevertheless, our experience makes us specialists in the following areas:

  • Health insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Accident or disability insurance

  • Home insurance

Other areas:
Car insurance, general civil responsibility insurance, legal defence insurance, life insurance, medical insurance when abroad etc.

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Consulting on Company insurance


We will inform you which insurance cover is required in Spain and we will choose the most suitable policies for your needs.

Company owners and branch managers

If you would like to insure your employees or are simply looking for some additional benefits, including your employees in a company policy (health, life, accident) offers additional benefits and is an attractive alternative to a pay-rise. What’s more, you can count on financial bonuses for your company.

If you have transferred your company’s central office or have built new headquarters we will insure your premises, industrial installations and your vehicles.

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Help to choose the most suitable insurance company for your needs

We design a needs profile from the information that you supply. Initially we must evaluate your current situation before taking out a (new) policy. Whenever possible we put forward at least 2 offers from different insurance companies.

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Attention and help if a claim has to be made

This is especially important for people living abroad. We try to offer help and support whenever needed.

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Advice on suitability of current policies or contracts when individual circumstances change

This is another area that living abroad can affect. Whether you move house, or get married, or have children, or start a business, or your children move house, or you buy property, a car or a boat, or you want to make a will ….
In all of these circumstances we will be there for you offering advice and solutions.

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Medical consultancy

We are your Spanish/German partner when it comes to legalising medical and health care professional qualifications, purchasing or selling up a medical practice as well as giving you advice on how to become a practising doctor or health care professional in Spain.

Who are our clients?

  • European doctors and health care professionals looking for a position in Spain, wishing to open up their own medical practice or wishing to set up a partnership.

  • Doctors or associated doctors who, due to retirement, health or personal reasons, wish or need to transfer their practices and are looking for help to choose the perfect successor.
  • European doctors or associated doctors with successful practices who require associates or qualified staff for their growing practices.

What services do we offer?

  • Advice about the requirements necessary to practise as a doctor or health care professional in Spain.
  • We process the legalisation of qualifications with their corresponding Spanish qualification. (what is known as “Recognition or legalisation of qualifications”).
  • Help to register with “Medical Board”.
  • Help to process NIE (identity document for foreigners), to open up a bank account and to register with local authorities (local census).
  • Advice about insurance cover.
  • Transactions of the sale or purchase of a private practice.
  • Advice on opening a practice or branch.
  • Designing a specific marketing plan.
  • Analysis of location for a practice.
  • Contacts with colleagues already established in Spain and working in the same field.
  • Service of training places for doctors.

If you are interested in any of our services please send us a completed inscription form.

Discretion is our basic principle. Therefore the only information that we supply, whether from client to client or to other institutions, is the information obtained from your inscription form. (see “ How do we work” section)
Furthermore, we do not publicise personal or professional information on Internet. We firmly believe that this is the only way to guarantee a responsible and long-term service of attention and advice. (see “Our Philosophy” section)

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